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Pulpo Beard Oils

PBO Beard Derma Roller

PBO Beard Derma Roller

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The PBO Beard Derma Roller is the tool for those who need a little help growing a full beard. Derma rolling has shown to increase the absorption of topical skin & beard care products, maximizing their effectiveness. As well as improving skin tone and helps stimulate hair growth.

  • Helps to increase topical absorption

  • Maximizing effectiveness of beard growth products

  • Improves skin tone and stimulate hair growth

  • Give your beard its best shot

What is a beard roller?

Beard rollers are a tool used to stimulate hair follicle growth through the technique of “micro-needling” leading to a denser and more even beard.

This practice aims to increase the supply of collagen beneath your skin by pricking the skin. By penetrating your skin at a certain level (the epidermis) the brain is tricked into thinking that area of skin is injured & thus floods the area with a supply of collagen to heal that injury.

With the increase in blood flow and collagen, the growth rate of your beard is boosted.

How to use a beard Roller?

Generally, as rule of thumb, we suggest that you roll in each direction 10 times.

Try not to put a lot of pressure when you roll over your skin to avoid sore irritation. Keep to a medium pressure so not too hard, but not too soft.

Roll 10 times crossways, left, right, and down on your neck area.

NOTE: When rolling, lift the roller instead of just twisting it to a new direction. Twisting will damage your skin and may lead to an infection.

After completing the needling process, your skin will look red due to the increase in blood flow to that specific area.  Give time for your skin to settle & things should return to normal in 5-10 minutes.

During the micro needling process, if you feel pain or discomfort, stop it immediately.

In Summary

Using a beard roller is an easy method of stimulating beard growth yourself at home, without expensive trips to the male grooming parlor, or a skin specialist. It works by boosting circulation, keratin, and collagen production. While micro-needling can take a while to work, it is one of the most effective methods of boosting hair growth with consistent application.

The beard roller has also been scientifically proven to improve the growth of hair in the facial area, and there are many forum posts where men discuss the great results they have achieved.

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The Fresh Hydration for Your Beard!

Pulpo Beard Oils delivers maximum hydration thru our game-changing blend of oils. Our blend of Argan, Castor and Sweet Almond is like nothing else on the market. It absorbs faster, lasts longer, and is less greasy than the competition.



1. Dispense the oil into your hand and then warm it between your palms.

2. Apply the oil directly to the skin beneath your beard and then onto the hair.

3. Use a Hair Brush or Beard Comb to help evenly distribute the oil and shape your beard.