About Us

It was late 2014 that I grew my first beard. I had just left the military, and as we all know, they are not a fan of facial hair. So like most veterans when they have wrapped up their service, they want to see what their facial hair is like. I was no different. I wanted to see what my beard could do.

I ended up loving it; the feeling of wearing it; the manly look of it; and going out in public and people seeing it, who then would show an appreciation and respect for it. I've been growing my beard ever since.

As with every beard, I went through an "itchy" phase. Mine was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. I went to the store and tried several oils that were on the market, and nothing was really helping my thick and course facial hair. I also noticed a lot of my bearded friends were having the same issues. Nothing on the market in drug stores or beauty supply stores helped the problem. So I decided to create my own oils - PBO.

I wasn't sure what to name my newfound company. There were so many awesome beard oil names on the market, but then I remembered a very strong memory from a few years back. I was in Puerto Rico with my father snorkeling, and I saw an octopus walking on the ocean floor, and his walk was one of coolness and ownership, like he was the boss of the ocean floor. Pulpo means "octopus" in Spanish, so I came up with Pulpo Beard Oils as a way to honor my heritage, as well as represent the inherent natural "badassness" of the octopus I saw. I thought that represented the quality of my oils, my drive, and my determination to bring the best oils possible to the world of beards.

I mix all of my own oils to create a unique scent that only I carry. But I sincerely care about the customers needs and wants, so I actively ask my clients what they like about each oil and scent, and what they don't like. Then if it makes sense, I integrate their suggestions into a future batch. Because it isn't just about me buying the best ingredients on the market and making these oils; it's also about customer care and satisfaction with each order that is placed.

I hope you like the brand and the products!