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Pulpo Beard Oils

Coconilla Beard Oil

Coconilla Beard Oil

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Is that the smell of cookies? No, it’s my beard!

Pulpo Beard Oils Coconilla is an organic blend of Argan and Castor oils. The high quality coconut fragrance along with the smooth vanilla will transport your beard to a sweet-smelling sugar filled bakery. We guarantee Coconilla will have your beard craving more. Don’t forget about our addictive beard balm that also has this astounding warm cookie pong. Our balm has the right amount of wax to style and hold your beard. Additional ingredients like Shea butter, coconut and argan oil provide your hair and skin with amazing protection and care.

When searching for Men’s grooming products you will find boring, woodsy, or bland scented oils and balms. We decided to bring fresh new scents to revolutionize what a man uses to rock his beard. Our organic oils provide great skin and hair conditioning ingredients ensuring marvelous and flawless skin. We took an original approach by using premium ingredients to replicate scents that everyone can relate to. We cater to a wide range of beard aficionados. From the outdoor woodsmen, to city hipsters, to my tropical beardos.

Disclaimer: The light smell of a fresh bakery may cause increased appetite, sudden urges to bake, and of course…an awesome beard.

Beard Oil Ingredients:
Coconut Fragrance Oil; Vanilla Essential Oil; Almond Oil; Argan Oil; Castor Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pro Beauty & Barber Supply
Pulpo Products

One of a kind have a lot of requests for the Miami Nights Aftershave Spray:)

Cory Vazquez
20 out of 10

Our clients LOVE pulpo products! Fast ordering and excellent service every time!

My wife’s favorite

So I have my favorite, but you always have to be thinking about the ones that have to also smell your beard. My wife has constantly told me that Coconilla is her number 1 favorite PBO blend so I always keep a bottle around. She says it reminds her of her favorite drink, a pina colada. Keep ‘em all happy and get some Coconilla today and watch their eyes light up.

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The Fresh Hydration for Your Beard!

Pulpo Beard Oils delivers maximum hydration thru our game-changing blend of oils. Our blend of Argan, Castor and Sweet Almond is like nothing else on the market. It absorbs faster, lasts longer, and is less greasy than the competition.



1. Dispense the oil into your hand and then warm it between your palms.

2. Apply the oil directly to the skin beneath your beard and then onto the hair.

3. Use a Hair Brush or Beard Comb to help evenly distribute the oil and shape your beard.