An Introduction to Team PBO: Brandon “Carnage” Simmons

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An Introduction to Team PBO: Jesse “Honey Badger” Kriegel
June 18, 2017
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July 2, 2017
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An Introduction to Team PBO: Brandon “Carnage” Simmons

Brandon Carnage Simmons

Father of 5 (3 girls, 2 boys), Brandon (@the_carnage) is a happily married man that loves the outdoors. He’s a salt of the earth kind of guy. He is the kind of guy that works with his hands and spends his free time outdoors or at the gym.

Like a moth to the flame, Brandon was drawn to PBO because of their logo. But like most of all PBO’s members, he stayed because the quality of their products. “The logo stood out to me and drew me in. Once I ordered it I realized how great of a product it is.” He’s been a part of the PBO team since September 2015. “I use social media as an outlet to help get the name out there by posting photos of recent products, ranging from gear to oils. On the streets, I hand out business cards to bearded men and tell them there’s no other product out there that’s going to make their beards as fresh as Pulpo Beard Oils does. Buy our shit. And be the freshest in your clique.”

In Maine, Brandon mixes the beautiful outdoors with a little bit of modeling.

Brandon tried other brands, but nothing compared to PBO. Nothing else left his beard soft and the scent lasted all day. In his line of work, he needed his beard to still be fresh at the end of the day. “My wife also prefers it over any other oil, so that’s an added bonus.” Carnage is a craftsman. Using his hands for work, he is a deep sea fisher man and also skilled with building houses. He has the dreams of building his family the perfect home with his own hands.

Brandon is always bragging about his lobster adventures.

Written by Vic Fonseca.


  1. Melissa L.Simmons says:

    I am Brandon’s mom and I have smelled the beard oils and they smell great. They also make beard very soft. Highly recommend them.

  2. @beardedhvacguy says:

    Awesome! @the_carnage congrats brother! Aka SGT! I was a die hard fan of another beard product company until Brandon recommended Pulpo. Glad I gave it a try. It’s the best out there! ⚓⚔

  3. Shannon Simmons says:

    Absolutely LOVE PBO! These introductions are very well written. Love learning a little more about the beards behind the products. Each team member brings something different to the table and they are all stand up gentlemen. My favorite Beard Care company and team by far!

  4. Tim says:

    Brandon is a true natural badass that takes care of his beard with the best products. Pbo has some of the best, long lasting scents out there. I too started using pbo thanks to him. I highly recommend taking after this gentleman and get yourself some pbo.

  5. Tim says:

    Pulpos awesome. Really good stuff and especially fit for fine ginger beards like ourselves. Hoorah

  6. Kev says:

    I know Brandon through the Bearded Villains, and I can say from firsthand experience that he is a dedicated and enthusiastic ambassador for the brand.

  7. @beardedmonsta says:

    #TopShelf Products and #FirstClass Team!!
    A+ customer service, shipping, prices and scents
    So happy that @the_carnage aka Sarge hipped me to Pulpo Beard Oil, best move I made switching and its always a plus when your lady loves it too #TeamPBO

  8. Adam says:

    Brandon is the real deal. Hardest working brother I know. And he needs a beard oil that works as hard as he does. PBO is the perfect fit. And if it wasn’t for him, I would have never found Pulpo! It’s the best beard oil out there! And not to mention the customer service can’t be beat! #PBOforlife
    P.S. Just wanted to let everyone in on a little secrect… Brandon doesn’t really have to try that hard to catch fish and lobsters. His beard is so BAD A$$, one look at it and the fish and lobsters jump right into his boat!

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