An Introduction to Team PBO: William “OPTIMUS” Mendez

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July 2, 2017
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August 16, 2017
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An Introduction to Team PBO: William “OPTIMUS” Mendez

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

William Mendez, (IG handle: @optimusmendez) is the Sergeant for the BVC (Bearded Villains Chicago). He is a husband and a father of three. An avid watch and comic collector, this Beard of Mayhem signed on to team PBO August 2016. A loyal customer from the very beginning, Mendez says, “PBO changed the game. I tried several companies, and none smelled as great or felt as great. Everywhere I went, I heard “I love that smell, what are you using?”.

Will is the leader of #teamPBOchicago

William is a brand ambassador, helping with promoting of the brand to the best of his abilities. He uses social media to his advantage to reach a wider span of potential customers. Occasionally making videos for the company, as well as representing Pulpo Beard Oils at charity events. With aspirations of soon getting his bachelor’s in graphic design, Mendez does what he can to get the clicks for his clique.

Optimus donates a lot of his time to charity in events like the Polar Plunge benefiting the Chicago Special Olympics.

Writen by Vic Fonseca


  1. Miguel says:

    Hell yeah congrats brother

  2. Abraham Velazquez says:

    Awesome brand here Pulpo Beards Oils has been my number one go to beard Oil for me since day one. I highly recommend for all to try out this Beard Oil Guaranteed to satisfy you every need @Datsmystyle

  3. Ivan Justiniano says:

    Just a flat out awesome product, great smell can’t go wrong with pulpo beard oils! Shout out @pulpobeardoils for there awesome products, get on board you won’t be disappointed Salute to my man @optimusmendez on the dope shot ⚒⚔️

  4. Manny Gelfo says:

    Pulpo beard oil all day everyday! #TeamPBO the best in the game! The beard oils/balms smell amazing and leave your beard feeling great! On top of the oils and balms, Pulpo beard oils has DOPE merch! Get you some! @itsmannymfs

  5. Bruce Washington says:

    Much love towards my big bro William Mendez! He’s been reppin Pulpo oils for a hot minute now…even got me loving all the oils and t-shirt. You all picked an dope person to rep your brand!

  6. Tony Velez (Influence_DJ) says:

    As a BVCHopeful and Team Pulpo Brother, I love what y’all are doing for the Beard Game the product’s are amazing a good Oil and Balm takes a Beard to the next level and Pulpo is killing it much Respect.. Much Love and Respect to my Bro Will Mendez for Representing Pulpo Brand no better man for the job..

    BeardedVilliansChicago Salute ⚔⚒

  7. Maximus says:

    Nothing but love and Respect to my man Optimus!!! I’ve enjoyed the balm this company offers. To have my man Optimus represent Pulpo is a plus!!!

  8. Big Money Bags T says:

    That is one handsome son of a gun right there. That beard oil just makes him look even more handsome too! Ohhhhh and he smells delicious!!!!!

  9. Jocelyn L. Mendez says:

    Pretty Decent guy.
    Never gives photo credits to his daughter that takes his shots, but you picked a great guy to represent your brand.
    Love the smells. I personally have used it in my hair after I straighten it.

  10. Troy DeMarino says:

    Man….. If it wasn’t for Optimus, I wouldn’t even have been put on to Pulpo Beard oils!
    Well maybe in time BUT, he was the man that did it.
    Around the holiday last year (Early December) I got the Red Alert!
    Told me I wouldn’t be disappointed, GUESS WHAT!? BEST THING IVE DONE.
    Keep representing well brother!
    Maybe I can follow in your footsteps Mendez! Your a #GreatRepresenter

  11. Pulpo oils is the only product that I use to maintain my God like beard. My personal favorite and also my wife’s is the Pina Orange the tropical scents from this oils will transport you the beautiful islands of the Caribbean. I definitely recommend that to all… but at this moment I have my eyes set on that Miami Nights I was able to smell a demo and MAN!!! That’s straight fire!

  12. Kevin Hernandez says:

    Congrats Optimus!!! Much love and respect brother… and shout out to Pulpo Beard Oils for the best oil out there!! My beard oil of choice!! Greetings to all my brothers out there from BEARDED VILLAINS CHICAGO and BEARDED VILLAINS WORLDWIDE! Salute homies ⚒⚒

  13. Lours says:

    My BVC brother. It’s a great idea to explain more about the PBO team

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