An Introduction to Team PBO: William “OPTIMUS” Mendez

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

William Mendez, (IG handle: @optimusmendez) is the Sergeant for the BVC (Bearded Villains Chicago). He is a husband and a father of three. An avid watch and comic collector, this Beard of Mayhem signed on to team PBO August 2016. A loyal customer from the very beginning, Mendez says, “PBO changed the game. I tried several companies, and none smelled as great or felt as great. Everywhere I went, I heard “I love that smell, what are you using?”.

Will is the leader of #teamPBOchicago

William is a brand ambassador, helping with promoting of the brand to the best of his abilities. He uses social media to his advantage to reach a wider span of potential customers. Occasionally making videos for the company, as well as representing Pulpo Beard Oils at charity events. With aspirations of soon getting his bachelor’s in graphic design, Mendez does what he can to get the clicks for his clique.

Optimus donates a lot of his time to charity in events like the Polar Plunge benefiting the Chicago Special Olympics.