An Introduction to Team PBO: Nate “Chopz” Johnson

Nate "Chopz" Johnson is the Founder and President of the Gentlemen's Social Club of Los Angeles. He's been "bearding" for close to 6 years and has accumulated over 40 first place titles, to include the 2017 World Beard & Moustache World Championship in the Sideburns Freestyle Category. Also holding the mantle of product ambassador for PBO, Chopz joined the team because of Pulpo’s confidence in his product.

beard champion

Nate at the 2017 World Beard and Moustache Championships. Showcasing his 1st Place Ribbon.

"What he said about his oils was true. He wasn't trying to be a salesman, he was being honest. I need thick and heavy oil for my beard. Pulpo is one of the few oils that is perfectly thick enough to keep my beard saturated and from split ends. Honestly there are a lot of good or "ok" brands out there, but what I like about Pulpo is that he has differentiated his oils from the rest of the market by making scents that aren't traditional. They smell amazing. Plus I really appreciate how much he cares about the quality of his products, and the opinion of his clients." Johnson exclaimed when asked about PBO.

beard champion

As a Bearded Celebrity, Nate hosts many Beard Events nationwide. Here with teamPBO Members Dan and Ryan.

When he's not being one of the most bad ass beards around, Johnson works as an entertainment production manager. When he's not doing that, he spends his time unwinding by writing and exploring the infamous city of Los Angeles. Humble in ways, but with long term dreams of bearded world domination, Nate’s adventure with team PBO has just begun.

Nate styling and profiling in DTLA.

Writen by Vic Fonseca