An Introduction to Team PBO: José Luis Cortes aka “Joey The Dude”

Joey, or known in his house as José Luis Cortes, is “The Dude”. Born and raised in San Jose, CA. Joey has been living in El Paso, Texas for a few years working as an Insurance Rep at the El Paso VA Medical Center. Being raised by Latinos he had an irrepressible upbringing, “I have a strong Chicano influence from my California familia on my mother’s side and rich heritage from my Guadalajara familia on my father’s side.” Mexican men are more known for their iconic mustaches, think Zapata, but as for beards not as much, “It’s a rare sight to see a Mexican with a full beard, but they enjoy the view” says Joey with a laugh.

Joey representing PBO in Los Angeles.

José started back in high school with just a mustache and a chin strap, but it all changed when he came across the PBO team, “I got super into the beard game when I discovered PBO back in 2016, and have been growing the face forest ever since.” Once in this fresh world of PBO, Joey had a “funny” accident, “I burnt my whole mustache off while attempting to light a joint”, he laughed/cried, “it’s back, but a beard without a mustache is not a pretty sight.” Unless you rocking a sexy whaler I always say *wink*.

When the opportunity became available for Joey to join Team PBO he did not hesitate. When asked about why this was his response, “Honestly it’s the crew. Pulpo (Jorge) has been a mentor and huge influence in my life since day 1. The amazing scents, products and stellar gear I get to rep are just a perk when I got accepted into this Bearded Familia.” It’s been a pleasure to witness the rise of the Dude.

As always, Joey making theworstlook the best.

As for hobbies, Joey loves taking pictures. He is always down to help the homies by taking some fire snaps. Most of the local 915 crew gets their photographs from the master. If not taking pictures of the crew, Joey is taking breathtaking photos of his beautiful family.

From his favorite TMNT Michelangelo (“Skater, stoner pizza lover is something I can relate too”) to his favorite “Life’s a Risk Carnal” quote, Joey is by all means The Dude!

Written by Jorge “Pulpo” Montes