An Introduction to Team PBO: Johnny “Kraken” Parks

Johnny Parks is the Captain of the BV Northern Virginia Chapter, but he is better known around the globe by a few different names: Bearded Kraken, Show Stopper, and Bubba Brown. Kraken worked as a Crane Operator until he had a stroke for which he is recovering today. A family man first, his love for them is undeniable “They’re awesome; I wouldn’t trade them for any other family in the world. They support me in my journey.” Like in all family’s ones decision to have a beard can divide the household, “My mom, sister, and grandma hate it, but my girlfriend, Noah, and my dad love it.” This hasn’t stop John from rocking his mane for five years strong.

John rocking his Team 3D fit at a competition.

In this crazy beard world of ours things can happen in a moment and the Show Stopper is not immune to that “I’ve accidently set off a fire alarm in a hotel. I’ve developed unimaginable bonds, taken several road trips, been banned from hotels, and made many fun memories within the bearded community.”

Being named Kraken makes a collaboration with Team PBO an easy one, “I’m silky fresh and PBO is the freshest around.” John has represented Team PBO all over the Continental USA, including multiple Nationals competitions, for a few years already with a bunch of Top 3 finishes. That Show Stopper nickname is well earned.

Always Loyal and Silky.

When not killing the stage somewhere in the East Coast, John is riding his jet ski at the lake, or raiding breweries for tasty craft beer; and if all this write up wasn’t enough his favorite TMNT is Raphael, what a Legend.

His motto: “Villain till the day I do, till whatever ends, let them hate as long as they fear, silk trails all day on you.”

Word by Jorge “Pulpo” Montes