An Introduction to Team PBO: Jesse “Honey Badger” Kriegel

Jesse Kriegel, (IG handle @the_honey_badger_78) an original. He’s been with PBO since it’s very first humble beginnings. He joined the movement after (when first starting to grow a beard) trying several different brands of oil, and having none compare in quality to PBO. “It’s overall quality, scents, feel, and presentation are unmatched.” Aside from being a brand ambassador, Kriegel creates all of PBO’s artwork. “I designed the official octopus/skull logo and the anchor logo for the brand. Which is used on everything from the labels to merchandise.” As well as represents the brand on social media and at local events.

This mural of the Iconic Pulpo was done by Jesse outside of his class room in Deming, NM.

A part from being the man behind the octopus logo, Kriegel teaches high school art. He is also a professional artist. Having had his work exhibited in various art galleries around the country. Currently he has a small business titled “La Puerta Azul” (the blue door) Fine Art, (IG handle @lapuertaazulart) specializing in paintings, drawings, murals, sculptures, and prints. With a wife of eighteen years, and two sons (one eight, one twelve), Jesse has aspirations of retiring one day from teaching, and opening his own art/coffee shop.

With deep admiration of all artists, he remembers the quote said by one of the greatest artists, (Bob Marley) “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” A moto he’s stood by for many years. As he uses his art work, and Pulpo Beard Oils to emancipate us from the conventional. And open us up to the extraordinary.

Beautiful side beard portrait of the Pulpo by Jesse Kriegel.