An Introduction to Team PBO: Jeff “Shred Wolf” Mickelson

Jeff, or shredwolf as we know him, is a home town guy. He’s lived the same city his whole life. Now, he’s the leader of the “North Wisconsin Wolfpack”. He’s also a freelance entertainer. Spending most of his free time prepping for the body building competitions he’s involved in, or collecting comics. Especially “He-Man”, “I even have a back tattoo dedicated to it.” The wolf started supporting PBO since its humble beginnings. But he officially joined the team summer of 2016. The wolf stated that he “always connected well with Pulpo” and loved the product and gear that Pulpo was pushing out.

Jeff, together with his wife Jenna, enjoy high level photography and above all being naked.

Jeff works as a product ambassador for PBO. He hands out cards and promotes the product to boost sales. He’s also working on an event this summer in which PBO donated raffle prizes. As well as sets up vendor stations at any events he does.

“Deep inside, we can all fly.”

“A fortune I once got. I kept it. I keep it in my wallet. It’s a constant reminder, that if we believe in ourselves. We can accomplish great things.” Jeff says while speaking about his favorite quotes. “I want to experience life to the fullest. I want to appreciate all the wonders and amazing gifts the world has to offer.” “PBO… Masters of the universe.”

Magic is one of Jeff’s pastimes and he is really good at it. Check out his page for some cool card tricks.


Writen by Vic Fonseca