An Introduction to Team PBO: Eduardo “Ed” Manzo

Eduardo “Ed” Manzo was born and raised in Santa Ana, CA and moved to Los Angeles when he was 17.  “My nickname was retired in the mid-90; I plead the 5th on that.” Currently, he co-owns a business that provides behavioral therapy for children with Autism. His wife Marci is from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and co-owns their company. They have one beautiful daughter named Luna Valentina. “Luna is a 2 year old music lover, book enthusiast and avid climber.” Eduardo says with a rare smile.

Families can sometimes be judgmental about our fantastic manes, but Ed had no issues. “My family digs my beard, but only because my good looks makes me versatile that way.” To me it seems like versatility is everything. When asked how long he has been in this wonderful beard world, his response was Ed to a T, “Wait…you mean there are other worlds out there?” That plead the 5th statement seems like a way of life after all. In one crazy story Ed tells us about that one time he ran into his grandmother, “After a year of growing it out and not seeing her, I ran into my Abuela at the market. I offered to carry her groceries to her car. She tipped me, never realizing it was me.” Now that’s insane, but what about the money? “Yes, I kept the money.”

Ed doing what he does best.

When asked about what attracted him to Team PBO there was no 5th amendments needed, “I was drawn to Team PBO by its unconventional scents and feel. The products defy and smash the cookie cutter norms. I’m an out of the box thinker who has always enjoyed going against the grain and Team PBO is no different. The Freshest team in the game!” I don’t see any objections.

Ed also provides his product placement expertise for our page product shoots.

Collecting and listening to vinyl are some of his hobbies, as well as “street photography/art, reading and travel.” When asked about his favorite ninja turtle, he took a familiar stance “No. I’m more of a tortoise fan.” This man is hard to read some might say and they would be right. “Move in Silence; Sometimes less is more; Win or Learn, Never Lose.”. His favorite quote tells you everything about him while saying little; that’s the Ed I know and respect.

Written by Jorge “Pulpo” Montes