An Introduction to Team PBO: Denys “D” Alberto

Denys Alberto is from El Salvador (Soyapango) and is better known as “D” or “Diablo” by his homies. He moved to San Francisco at age 17 and currently works in the carpentry trade. Nonetheless, he is not just focused on one skill, “I have been around; got my first degree at the age of 16 in accounting and started from there.” In my opinion Denys is a jack of all trades. Since 2013, “D” decided to grow out his beard. “I started keeping it at 3 inches, but then I decided to just let it grow.” Denys impressive beard gets him noticed right away, plus it’s a good spot to hide his machete.

High like Skyscrapers.

When asked about a funny incident involving his beard, he laughed and explained, “I was working as a cashier at Trader Joes; a couple of kids with their parents were up next. Parents were commenting about how nice and long my beard was. I talked to the parents and I had a conversation with the kids. They seemed to enjoy it too and even try to touch it. Kids even gave me a hug at the end of the encounter. Next in line was this Old man; most likely he was homeless. He was paying attention to how most of the costumers were making comments about my beard. He noticed the way I talked to them and how I engaged them. I noticed that he kept looking at me while he was in line. Finally, it was his turn, he put a bag down that he was carrying and looked at me straight up to my eyes and smiled. He reached out for my hand and for some reason I didn’t think about it giving it to him. He holds on to my hand, and grabbed my other one and squeezed them. He looked at me and said, “Are you a healer? Can you heal people?” I don’t know about you, but when he looked at me, his eyes and that smile, which will stay forever in my memory (I got goosebumps). I smiled back and asked him, “What makes you think that?” He smiled again and said “You have a way with people; your energy, your soul.”

Denys has a unique way to explain this moment in his life, “Mind you, I know I am a piece of shit, but for him to have those thoughts based on the way I look (My Beard) either he thought I was an apostle or Jesus himself, or he was really drugged up. I asked him if he believed in praying, he said yes nodding his head several times. We started a quick prayer and at the end we hugged. To some it might be weird, to some it might be awkward, and to some it was nice.” To Denys it was a special moment, “the experience has a little bit of everything, but overall I am glad I could make that old man’s day.”

So, let’s get back to our regular programing.

When asked about what caught his attention about Team PBO, Denys answered proudly “The logo; the pride; the fact that only a few can make the cut.” “Oh, and the fact that most of us are hated”, laughed Denys. Definitely something you want to work for.

Denys has many, and I mean many, hobbies “I’ve played soccer since I was 6 years old. Had the chance to be in the “Coca Cola” soccer school at age 12.” He can also play a mean guitar, “I play the Harmonica, I can draw, I can freestyle rap in Spanish, and write songs. Also kick your ass in chess.” A jack of all trades or hobbies I should say, “I read, I go for long walks, I love to cook, and I train with knives.”

Hobbies: Smoking and Rocking!

He has been boxing for a couple of years and now he shares his knowledge with others, “I train youngsters and adults on the fundamentals of boxing; stands, punches, walking, blocking, mitts, etc.”

When it comes to ninja turtles, Denys has a simple (Thank God) answer: Michelangelo. His life mottos are simple and real, like the man himself (aside from all the hobbies). “Never Forget” and “Always 100”. From a personal standpoint, Denys is loyal and always reliable. These are qualities lacking in today’s world.

Written by Jorge “Pulpo” Montes