An Introduction to Team PBO: Daniel “Don Bigote” Perez

Miami Florida is the one of the most visited city by travelers. Second only to New York City. And if you’re in Miami, you’ll find Daniel Perez. The captain of the Bearded Villains Miami chapter. Perez is an entrepreneur, a leader that has held his chapter down in the strongest of ways. A captain that helped build the bv305 into the symbol they are today. “I own my own business legalizing construction sites and illegal structures. But more importantly, aside from work, I aspire to leave a legacy in my community and around the world. One that goes deeper then money.”

Daniel is known for his community work in the Miami area.

Perez joined PBO one year ago, after a conversation with Pulpo himself. “In all honesty, I’m a business man. When Jorge and I talked for the first time, we quickly realized that we were on the same page. It was a no Brainer after that. Not to mention, PBO always has my back when it comes to giving back to the community.” Daniel helps with marketing, sales, business expansion, and out reach as a PBO World Ambassador. The DON lives his life by one simple and humble principle, “Live a happy life , and help those around be happy as well. It’s contagious.”

The Don represents PBO in more than one way. He was able to represent us in the Netherlands with the release of theMiami Nightsscent.

Writen by Vic Fonseca