An Introduction to Team PBO: Jeff “Shred Wolf” Mickelson

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July 18, 2017
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December 4, 2017
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An Introduction to Team PBO: Jeff “Shred Wolf” Mickelson

Jeff, or shredwolf as we know him, is a home town guy. He’s lived the same city his whole life. Now, he’s the leader of the “North Wisconsin Wolfpack”. He’s also a freelance entertainer. Spending most of his free time prepping for the body building competitions he’s involved in, or collecting comics. Especially “He-Man”, “I even have a back tattoo dedicated to it.” The wolf started supporting PBO since its humble beginnings. But he officially joined the team summer of 2016. The wolf stated that he “always connected well with Pulpo” and loved the product and gear that Pulpo was pushing out.

Jeff, together with his wife Jenna, enjoy high level photography and above all being naked.

Jeff works as a product ambassador for PBO. He hands out cards and promotes the product to boost sales. He’s also working on an event this summer in which PBO donated raffle prizes. As well as sets up vendor stations at any events he does.

“Deep inside, we can all fly.”

“A fortune I once got. I kept it. I keep it in my wallet. It’s a constant reminder, that if we believe in ourselves. We can accomplish great things.” Jeff says while speaking about his favorite quotes. “I want to experience life to the fullest. I want to appreciate all the wonders and amazing gifts the world has to offer.” “PBO… Masters of the universe.”

Magic is one of Jeff’s pastimes and he is really good at it. Check out his page for some cool card tricks.


Writen by Vic Fonseca
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  1. Tim "Sky_Has_Fallen" Lessard says:

    As a member of the north Wisconsin Wolfpack, I can personally attest to how awesome, down to earth, and generally good of a person Jeff is. As for pulpo, I have yet to find a beard oil that lasts quite as long, or smells just as great as PBO.

  2. Luis "Tito" Gomez says:

    This is a great read. Also gave me some sort of pride to say, “Hey, I know him! That’s my brother from the Bearded Villains!” Way to show support and brotherhood!

  3. Jenna says:

    Favorite team member!! What a great write-up! So proud you’re part of such an awesome brand! #bestbeardteamever 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    That He-Man tat though 😉

  5. radames sanchez says:

    Jeff mickelson is a hell of a roll model he has guided some of the best members of his chapter from past to present.and I’ll be by his side to make sure it stays thay way. He shows much love and respect to all his family and friends. salute my brother aka “shredwolf”

  6. Suke says:

    Personally I think Jeff is the sexiest member of PBO. It was great to finally meet the sexy beast called Shredwolf. Much love and respect.

  7. Joshua Tolen says:

    Where do I start…Jeff is quite the embodiment of BV, and a damn good ambassador for Team PBO. I actually tried Pulpo because of Jeff and his famed Wolf Juice, which is an amazing peppermint pine scent that really stands out! Jeff called me about a month ago, first time we have ever spoke, and we chatted for 2 hours, about life, love, work, and our great Brotherhood we are apart of. He is in a class of his own, Loyal as the day is long, and a man I’m proud to have as a Brother!

  8. Ulfhedinn says:

    Great write up for a great man. Much love and respect

  9. Jaron B/double0ram says:

    From his humble beginnings with PBO – if you can find someone who still has it, the original video by Jeff for “WOLFJUICE” PBO Beard Oil is both hilarious and 100% Jeff. Definitely worth a good laugh!

    I am proud to call you a brother and one of my best friends. Keep up the good work

  10. Ryan Alverman says:

    Love this guy right here! I have a lot respect for Jeff. The first day i met him he welcomed me and my family into his house and welcomed us like we were life long friends. Proud to call him my brother and family. There will always be a spot at my dinner table for him!

  11. Garett Olson aka Bacon says:

    I need to add a few words words to describe my first encounter with Jeff, awkwardly passionate. His level of excitement for Bearded Villains is beyond comprehension. His forst words to me and I quote “You ever going to shave that thing?” Followed by “You are using the wrong beard oil!” Then he followed me around the store talking up BV and PBO. I would like to thank you Cap for being you and introducing me to both PBO and BV. Love ya bro!!

  12. Jeff has been one badass bro since I’ve met him. I love that dude very much. Mad love to PBO, Jeff and Jenna. Stay naked my friends.

  13. Sinister beard says:

    Great write up. May have to try the oils lol much love and respect.

  14. Jonathan Perez says:

    Jeff inspired me to try PBO. After my first order of beard oil, I kept coming back for more and more. Love the snap backs as well, I own 2. So far my favorite scent is Red Alert . Thanks Jeff and Jorge, you guys rock

  15. sapper0613 says:

    I’ve only met him once in person an he is such a down to earth an super badass guy, he is the perfect person to have around as a friend an the perfect person to habe represent the PBO family. Much Love an Respect my brother.

  16. Jared "The Weissguy" Weiss says:

    This is an Awesome write up about Jeff. He is my Captain in the Wolfpack and someone I’m very proud to call a Brother. He is also the 1st person I’ve met who loves He-Man as much as I do.

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